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Town of Fountain Hills Parks and Recreation

Fountain Hills necesitaba un nuevo diseño de camiseta y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 20 diseños de 9 diseñadores freelance.


Cómo Fountain Hills comenzó su viaje en camiseta


These are senior men who have played together for several years that travel all over the State of Arizona to play slow pitch senior softball. Some of the men are well into their 70's! Their wives come and take score and cheer, there are concessions stands, the fields or diamonds are in great shape, lots of these guys wear protective gear. they play because they love it!

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

We thought it would be cool if there was a picture or cartoon of an old, funny guy playing softball. decked out in full gear but that is just an idea.  Maybe a POW super hero theme? something out of the ordinary from your standard old regular softball shirts. perhaps retro, also somewhat conservative since most men are older and it's parks and recreation tournament.  clean, simple look. Town of Fountain Hills Parks and Recreation should be on shirt in big print.

Lo que desea

- Must have Title and Subtitle on shirt
- 2009 or '09 can be mixed in design somewhere on a bat or ball or jersey number
- T-shirt can only be 2 screens/colors on a white shirt/front only
- It can have a Great Fair tie in or Fountain Hills tie in but doesn't have to…tFair.aspx

No quieres

traditional softball t-shirt is okay but trying to stay away from that look

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