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Design one page ($150) to win a larger project ($2000)

MichaelJakobsson necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Cómo MichaelJakobsson comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web


Our goal is to find a professional skilled designer who we can work with to create the graphical profile for our brand and web shop. And design the pages of this web shop according to that graphical profile.

The contest will be focused around one page to show ideas you have for our look and feel and show off your skill. Then we will award a winner and keep working with to finish the design and the rest of the job.

This contest has an official price of $150 we have a budget of around $2000 to do the full job as described in full brief and the material it links to.

Nombre de la marca


¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

Ta kontroll över din hälsa

Desired Color Scheme:
warm friendly calm colours

Desired Style:
Read full brief

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)

General guidelines for our web-design

• Create a design that you think is good, and you believe in and feel proud about. I'd rather have few well made, worked through designs, where there has been attention to detail than a lot of quickly put togeather draft-like entries.

It is hard to deside if a design shows real promise from looking at an early draft. I'm looking for that quality feeling where things fit well togeather, there is a good balance of not too much, not too little, design elements are styled in a nice professional way and there is a general theme of common feel that all parts fit into. Not just a bunch of different elements thrown togeather where for exmple different buttons look different in a random way.

And usually it is the nice little touches, shadows, fades, outlines, highlights, slight 3D effects and other effects that makes something turn from good to great. And I can't see that in a draft. For example a button in a UI is not usually just a flat oval with text in it. It has either some 3D volume to it or a border around it, or a waved highligt on it etc. Things like discreet paterns or faded images in the background like water-stamp effects or fades that are not linear or at 90 degree angle can sometimes give some life to a design without stealing too much attention from the contents.

It is ok if you want to ask me, what do you think of these colors, or here is an initial draft do you think it is good to keep working on, please do so and I'll give you a brief overview feedback. But in the end I expect the winner to be a carefully made well balanced good design. And if you start listening to my feedback too early you'll probably only come up with a design that is as good as my suggestions and that may be a limitation :)

If I do come with suggestions and requests for changes, please don't just do exactly as I say. I am not a great designer, think about it and bet back to me with why it is not a good idea, how we could achieve the same result in a different way, or do it but then think of how it effects the rest of the design and what else may have to be changed also to accomodate this addition or modification. I value a good dialogue so don't be afraid to explain your thoughts ask questions or give feedback on my ideas if they are not optimal.

• Try to make something that is easy to grasp for new visitors and dont feel too complex. Perhaps by grouping different elements that belong togeater  using borders or common background colour or other visual indicators that direct the users focus avoiding to much cluttering or such things.

• Focus on intuitiveness and logical placement of design elements, so things are where customers expect and find it quickly and easily. I think most people read a page from top down and left to right. So they would start looking at header and main menu. Then to the left pane, there they should fins the tools to find the products they want. Products are shown in middle pane. They click on one to buy it and it ends up in shoping cart to the right where there is also information to proceed to checkout etc.

• Feel free to experiment with different ways to achieve a good design. I like nice colors and effects that makes parts stand out. It's ok if is a little flashy or web2.0-ish. But not too much, it's a balance between visually compelling, interesting to look at with nice colours and effects,  and a usable design where colors and design elements help the user to see what is important and where to look and what parts go togeatern and not becomes too much so the information and contents is hidden by the beautiful graphics that draws all the attention.  It should ideally feel kind of pure, clean and easy to look at without feeling confused but still look nice and sharp.

• Should be a warm and welcoming style rather than cold, harsh or technological. A big part of our target market are middle aged women and people who want to stay or get healthy, and not soo much athletes and bodybuilders etc. It is important however that we still give a serious and professional impression but with a friendly, healthy and caring image.

• Should be something that looks like a web page with UI-elements etc and not just a flat picture with a lot of different coloured shapes and text.

• The name of the company and web shop is "vitamera". And we will sell natural health supplements, diet supplements and other health products. The main focus will be on products from a Manufacturer called Holistic ( We will start with only their products but will most likely add other popular brands and products over time.

• Tagline, the slogan or tagline for vitamera is – “Ta kontroll över din hälsa†which means â€Take control over your healthâ€. This is integrated with the logo, but if you feel it is right you can include it somwhere else as well.

• URL - The main address for the site will be at

• Our Goal is to establish a style that is part of our brand that we can keep working with. The bi-product of the web-design will be a total concept for the graphic profile for vitamera as a company.  This contest will focus on one web-page and we'll take the rest outside of contest. But I think it is necessary to think about some aspects of the Graphic profile before and during creation of the web design and it would be nice to hear your input on how your thoughts go about your entry with regards to graphic profile.

Evaluation criteria
• Visual quality, looks good
• Understanding of what we want to achieve
• That there is a thought and reason behind the designs
• Explanation of graphic profile aspects, what different base olours are used that will sort of become part of the brand, what font styles will be used in different contexts etc.
• The ability to act as a consultant and guide us if we make bad or contradicting suggestions or have trouble choosing between different ways to do something.
• Easy to communicate and work with.

Design input and examples
Additional design info material can be found at

• Vitamera_Graphic_Profile.doc is some information about components of graphic profile and information about what we want the vitamera brand to reflect.

• store_layout_example.PNG explains the general structure and limitations of the web shop plattform.

• I also a picture or the final version our logo and some photos of a few of the products we will have.

The web shop product we use is created by the company BlueMist. You can see a preliminary version of the web shop with default design at

You can click around and navigate and even register as a customer and place orders if you want to get a feel for how it works. This is just a demo so no orders will be processed even if you get confirmation e-mail or whatever.

Some of the text on the demo site is available in english if you push the little English flag in the top of the left pane. You may use english or swedish text (and or dummy text) in your design suggestions

The page I’d like to focus on for the design contest is the one you see if you click the product group “Special Products and Herbs"…bs-g8.html

This is not the main page o not hte main page or welcome page so it does not contain infrmation on vitamera as a company in it's middle section. It will contain general information common to all products in that category.

I don’t recommend  that you take much input from the way the vitamera demo looks, only the basic layout structure, that there is a top, left, right and middle section and what kind of elements are included.  Main menu options should be as you see on this demo-site. It’s a good idea to add some products to the shopping cart so you see what info is displayed there.

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